4 Tips on Preparing for Survival Without Doctors

In a world that is extremely technology based and is leaning more and more towards functioning digitally, it is hard to imagine what any of us would do if our ties to the healthcare community were cut in the case of an emergency. Here are 4 tips on preparing for survival without doctors.

1. Have an emergency plan

In the event of an emergency in which there is no way to contact doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals in the area, it is important to have an emergency plan that the members of your household will all be familiar with.

2. Alternative methods

Educate both yourself and your family on alternative healing methods, such as essential oils. While they are obviously not a genuine treatment recommended by medical professionals in any way, they can be used to sooth pain or uncomfortable side effects of whatever trauma you may be experiencing until professional help is available.

3. Learn the basics

In the case when someone is seriously injured and there is no doctor or nurse available to care for them, immediate care from someone who is educated in the basics of first aid will help immensely. Anyone can be officially certified in CPR through the Red Cross Association. There is plenty of information online about basic first aid. Read up and make sure that you and your family members are prepared for any situation.

4. Contact EMS

Do not give up attempts to get in contact with EMS. As you use the knowledge you have developed through your research, remain dedicated to getting in contact with any medical professional that you can reach. If your phone lines are working, try numbers in the phone book.

Preparing your home

The American Red Cross offers first aid classes all the time. You don’t need to be an EMt to be able to help. Take the Advanced First Aid course and you’ll probably be able to keep most situations under control for as long as you need to get help.

If you have anyone over the age of 50 in the house, an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) might be good investment. Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in the US and an AED can help to stabilize the heart while waiting for medical help.

Have a good first aid kit that’s away from moisture and ready for use. Once upon a time, people had great first aid kits in their homes with everything from smelling salts to battle dressings. Today, we’ve become very reliant on the medical establishment in an emergency. That establishment is great, but it’s not always available. You need to have your own backup plan.

Preparedness can mean the difference between life and death. It is possible to survive without doctors. You just need to know what to do and have the right tools to do it.