Are Preppers Crazy?

It is the unfortunate truth that most people view preppers as crazy, obsessive, and paranoid “doomsday freaks”. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the public is uninformed of the resourcefulness and general well-preparedness that is behind being a prepper. Continue reading for more information on the interesting and smart lifestyles of preppers.

There has always been a certain type of stigma around people who choose to be preppers. Generally speaking, most preppers are extremely hard-working and intelligent, and only seek to be prepared to provide for themselves and their loved ones in the event of an emergency, or even just day-to-day. They choose to buy non-perishable foods in bulk, and often grow their own vegetables and fruits. If possible, they will attempt to get all of their meat from hunting. They are a very resourceful people who waste very little. This is why the stigma around them is so unnecessary.

Preppers don’t live everyday fearing the end of the world and preaching about it, as the stereotype suggests. Instead, they are simply faithful, family-oriented people who choose to be well prepared for everyday life, as well as in the case of an emergency. They examine the world around them and take note of the negative aspects of society. They choose to be proactive rather than sitting back and letting the world take advantage of them and their loved ones. Their lifestyle is more about embracing a more self-sustainable life rather than depending on resources that could easily be diminished in an emergency. They pride themselves on their ability to both provide and protect those around them, and they wish only to lead safe and smart lifestyles.

Bunkers, something that is usually played up in documentaries and TV shows might seem like “crazy”, exotic concepts, but until recently, they were just good planning. Many homes during the 1950s and 60s were built with bunkers because of the Cold War and fear that everyone had about the threat of nuclear war.

Today, in truth, we are no further from a nuclear disaster. In fact, it’s more likely that one will happen without a major government involved. North Korea, Iran, and any of dozens of terrorist organizations seem capable of using a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon. Today, instead of one clear enemy, there are hundreds of obscure ones.

Before you judge the prepper who lives down the street, or the person you see in the supermarket purchasing non-perishable food in bulk, remember that everyone is entitled to live the lifestyle that they choose. Preppers generally have very good intentions, only wishing to improve their own quality of life.

It can only be hoped that reading this article has opened your mind to the world of prepping, and you are considering making more self-sustainable decisions in your life. After all, a closet of canned foods can’t hurt and might even make ‘someday’ less terrifying.