Disaster Kit for Babies

Making sure that your whole family is prepared for anything is vital in today’s uncertain world. Your youngest and smallest members are of course no exception. It should go without saying that your babies have very different needs than the grown-ups and older kits so it will best to put together a kit for just for them. Finding the supplies you need won’t be hard, and most of the items will be commonsense items your little ones will need. For a guideline consider putting together the following.

Feeding Items

Make sure to have at least two or more baby bottles so your little one can enjoy. Always have back up in case one is damaged, broken or last. Also make sure there is plenty of baby formula and food. You should keep enough formula on hand to last 1-2 months.

Cloth Diapers

In the worst disasters there will be no stores or companies to supply you with disposable diapers so you’ll want to stock up cloth diapers you can clean, wash, and reuse. If you don’t use cloth diapers already, now is a great time to start learning about them.


Your little one will need clothing just like anyone else. You should invest in at least two emergency sets of clothing including shirts, pants, onesies, socks, and hats.


Remember to keep a good stock of baby aspirin or Tylenol as well as any baby medicine needs that your little one may require in case you don’t have access to them later.


Have at least two baby blankets on hand in part because one may requiring washing or drying or become damaged but also for one it gets cold in the winter and in the absence of modern heating.


Keep a copy of medical documents, birth certificate, and any other vital documents you’ll need lest they are lost. Also consider keeping any emergency contacts on hand, such as a number for your baby’s pediatrician.

Comfort Items

Your baby will still want something to play with or a source of stimulation. Comfort items may include toys, books, or other items your baby enjoys having around.

Lastly, nobody knows your child better than you. If you know of anything they would need or want, make room for a little bit more.